Important Figures

The world is filled with many important personalities. Leaders. Officials. Merchants. Family. All are vital influences on the heroes, and the story of Rokugan itself.


Doji Tsuruji: The leader of the Crane delegation remaining in the city, Tsuruji occupies a unique and dangerous position. She is permitted in the city only by Ryuuzaki’s benevolence, and Matsu Chiharu wants nothing more than her head on a spike. She is a skilled diplomat, however, and has conducted herself with utmost courtesy toward both her hosts. She is the core of the Crane’s effort to hold the city by words in a way they cannot with spears, which the Daidoji family finds distasteful, as the loss of the city stains their honor.

Master Tori: Tori is the chief historian and librarian of the Imperial Library. He is old and wise, and virtually nothing seems to surprise him.

Isawa Tanaka: Tanaka is a Phoenix samurai and shugenja, a divine spellcaster and noted historian. His specialty is the study of ancient relics and records.

Usaki Kano: Leader of a Bloodspeaker cultist cell, Kano is a devout follower of Oni Kirai and a charismatic leader.

Important Figures

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