Imperial Families

Serve the Empire. Serve the Emperor. The Imperial families – Seppun, Otomo, and Miya – are the keepers of the Empire as well as the Emperor, and as such, they tend to be the most refined and capable families of the Empire.
The Seppun protect the Emperor himself, and should they fail, the Empire would fall into chaos. They are as religious as the Dragon or Phoenix, and they are the personal caretakers of the head of the Shintao religion – the Emperor. The Otomo are the keepers of the Empire’s balance, and without it, the one on the Throne could become a puppet. Like the physical dangers the bodyguards watch for, the Otomo must constantly be ready for the unseen plots that could break the power of the Golden Throne. The Miya are the keepers of the Empire;s peace, without which the Empire would weaken from constant war. The Miya carry the power of the Emperor himself, and are not to be trifled with.

CLAN HONOR: You gain honor any time you fulfill a command given to you be the Emperor directly.
CLAN DISHONOR: You lose Honor if you fail an Imperial command or the Emperor comes to harm.


Current Daimyo: Seppun Hotaitaka

Lady Seppun was the first human to swear fealty directly to Hantei instead of his brothers or sisters. She was a wise woman, who was said to have heard the voices of Lady Sun and Lord Moon. When Shiba recorded the Tao, Seppun supported it in the courts of the Emperor, and worked with the Phoenix to unify Shinsei’s words with the wisdom of the Isawa. The Four Temples in the Seppun lands, the home of Shinseism, are considered among the holiest places in the Empire. The Seppun are closest in relation to the Emperor by station, and are always in the graces of the Imperial Throne. Every drop of Seppun blood is dedicated to the protection of the Emperor, and every Seppun will lay down his life without a second thought to save the Emperor. Though many samurai claim the same, none question the Seppun’s vow, nor the fact that they are the most likely to have to prove it.
Honorable Classes: Fighter or Paladin
Starting Honor: 3
Bonus Class Skill: Insight


Current Daimyo: Otomo Hoketuhime

The Otomo share a direct line to the lost Hantei, as their founder was the son of Hantei the First. While the family did not have a true purpose at first, during the rulership of the Gozuko the Otomo helped Hantei Yugozohime (Hantei VII) break their power to restore the Emerald Throne to its rightful ascendance. The Otomo have since worked behind the Emperor and the Seppun, keeping the powerful clans in check when needed. The Otomo are used to their position as honored but seemingly unimportant courtiers and officers of the Emperor’s administration. Like the Scorpion, they value the ability to move unnoticed among others, their seemingly harmless questions and comments bringing about changes for the benefit of the Emperor. Although the Otomo are responsible for many of the forms of traditional Rokugani law and government, no one seems ot notice their influence. The Otomo are quite comfortable with that.
Honorable Classes: Bard
Starting Honor: 3
Bonus Class Skill: Persuasion


Current Daimyo: Miya Yumi

After Fu Leng’s defeat, Hantei the First lay dying in his bed. The First Emperor’s final decree was for a samurai named Miya to spread the word across the Empire of the victory over the Dark Kami. When Miya returned to Otosan Uchi, Hantei II was crowned with Seppun and Otomo at his side. Hantei Genji’s first edict was to make room beside his throne and within his palace for the family of brave and tireless Miya. The Otomo played no small part in this, and to this day the Miya and Otomo have strong ties. Since that day, the Mia have served as the Heralds of the Emperor, compelling the clans to peace when they can, and carrying the Emperor’s law where they must. Only once in the history of the Empire have they faltered – shortly before the Clan War began in earnest, the mantle of the Miya daimyo was taken up by a selfish and fierce man, Miya Satoshi. Raised by the Lion, Satoshi allowed the war to spread without his interference, eventually consuming the Empire. Satoshi’s cousin Yumi replaced him after the Clan War, but the Miya were still too wounded by that conflict to stop the Empire from going to war with tiself a second time when Toturi the First was kidnapped. Today, Yumi has brought glory back to the house of Miya, and stands ready to prevent war once again where her family has recently failed twice.
Honorable Class: Bard or Paladin (Oath of the Crown)
Starting Honor: 2
Bonus Class Skill: Culture

Imperial Families

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