Japanese Language

The common language of the land, Rokugani, is effectively a romanized version of Japanese called Romaji. Romaji is the form that is able to be read and written to English speakers. Nearly all names in the Rokugan setting use Japanese or English root words. English is more often used for nonhuman or nicknames, such as White Flower or Hammerhand.

You can find a good English-Romaji translator HERE.

Naming conventions are also based on Japanese culture. Specifically, the family name is listed first and the given name second. The family name for humans is generally chosen at creation when you choose your clan and family.

For example, a player creating a mystic in the Phoenix Clan chooses the name “kisai,” which is Japanese for “wizard.” A member of the Agasha family court, his name is Agasha Kisai.

Japanese Language

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